With the popularity of 'The Human Experience', movements in individual countries have started forming across the globe. The biggest one to date is 'The Human Experience−Poland'. Together with Grassroots Films they are promoting faith, hope and love; values seen throughout the film. More than 100 different screenings have been held in cities, churches,  and schools throughout all of Poland and that number is still growing.

Just recently, 'The Human Experience' was shown to the youngest screening audience yet- children of ages 12 and 13. They enjoyed the film and had many questions about the lepers and the children in Peru, during the Q&A.

Maciej Syka, Coordinator for 'The Human Experience−Poland' is currently visiting Grassroots Films in New York and has shared his experience with us. “This movie deeply impacted my life and my country, especially the youth. It encouraged them to seek out opportunities to volunteer and help people in need.”

For more information about hosting a screening of 'The Human Experience' in your town or organization, visit our website here for more details.


KitchDawg13 said...

It's awesome that this movie is being shown to younger children. One of the themes of the movie is judgement; whether it be judging the poor, the disabled, or simply the lower class. The reason so many people are terrible with judging at first sight is because of their upbringing. They are raised being told to "stay away from strangers" and not to "talk to homeless people." They are treated different than the "average" person. This movie makes it clear that everyone is human, and that we are in no position to judge. Everyone should be treated the same.

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