From the office at Grassroots Films, writers continue to workshop the script for their first feature-length film. Writers Cyndi Amaya and Michael Campo join with director Chuck Kinnane along with Matt and Brian to brainstorm the direction of the film. The storyline explores the complexities of life and death and raises ideas regarding faith and purpose. 

While working on scripting, producers at Grassroots are also continuing work on their seven-part short film series. The third part is nearly finished and work on Part IV will begin shortly.

Stay tuned for more details about the feature-length film and the short film series. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay updated on our work!


刘咲东 said...

Learning from life
The movie Human experience moved me, especially some spirits from those two young men who are willing to experience others’ life to understand that and serve for people in need in a better way. Their experience about homeless people impressed me most, since the homelessness is the direct and usual images which I see and hear almost every day. Actually, I somehow have experience of hunger and cold, and it’s definitely not a good feeling to have------once I have suffered the pain from them, I would never want those tortures again. I cannot imagine how the life is for homeless people: their best happiness is having carton to cover the body to go through the freezing night in New York; in contrast, I am not even willing to go out at night to take a walk. To my biggest surprise, those people still have the happiness and positive attitude, even some of them have deeper and better understanding of life than most of us. They still believe God is there and they have to stand up then face the new day bravely. There is an old saying in China, which translated as “ Being warm and full produces the evil desire”; if we are in the comfort all the time, where do we get the rights to judge people in dilemma and decide their destinations? Jeff and Cliff know much about this, so they walk out and experience what others are experiencing and then get better connection with them in heart.
The spirit I get is that the environment you are in right now derives from your heart; in other words, you decide where you are at present. Seeing lots of news that pain suffers in this world someday get enough with what they have and give up or turn to hurt other people, I was shocked by the rare scenes happening in real life in the movie: homeless people still cheer up each other in the breakfast, abandoned children enjoy the excitement on the car and lepers shake Jeff’s hand saying “thank you”. From our eyes, their worlds have already collapsed as consequence of what they have been suffering; nonetheless, they hold their rights to enjoy life even more tightly. We are what we think we are somehow; when I get annoyance, I should really try to change my minds and treat the things coming in different way.
The scenes in the end in which Jeff meets his father again; they forgive each other and choose to remedy the family warmth they missed before. Nice for Jeff and his father, because they choose to change and accept each other before everything is too late. I kind of thin about my grandma in China: she was a really nice and kind woman who brought me up and took care of until I went into primary school. As the result of gap on age and her half-deaf status, we did not talk too much. She would be really happy even if I sit on the couch and watch TV with her; every time I went to airport to back to U.S, she would shed tears. When I got back home in the summer, I would try to spend more time with her------just catch the chances that everything is not too late. Love should not be ashamed to speak out.
God is always calling us to take care of each other who are all his sons. Jeff and Cliff, serving others by standing together with them, is able to truly understand people in need and then have love in the heart to put in the help. They definitely are representatives who hears the lord in right and appropriate way.
Jeff and Cliff, while serving others, also get power and encourage from the people they served. Jeff, for example, gradually forgives his dad in the process of experience. And just as he said in the beginning of the movie “ I would like to learn human experience from real life”, so they also get a good lesson about life, love and God. Those good things will never reduce by sharing, instead, they will double once you share them with others, like happiness. Cliff, also went beyond the death of his mom as consequence of cancer and began to be dare to see that thing rationally.

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