Grassroots Films is proud to announce that our latest production, 'Child 31', has made its way up to a Papal audience. Recently, Mary's Meals' founder, Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow received an invitation to the Vatican to be recognized by Pope Francis and along with him came a copy of our film.  

Magus founded Mary's Meals, a charity that provides nourishment in schools for children in lesser developed countries, which currently feeds 
more than 650,000 children daily. Last year, Grassroots Films released 'Child 31', a powerful new documentary capturing Mary's Meals' life-changing work in action throughout Malawi, Kenya, and India and its mission to help millions of children around the world realize their dreams. 


The organization's efforts were certainly noticed by Pope Francis, who, since inaugurated, has led the fight against poverty. Grassroots Films hopes that 'Child 31' can inspire, not only the Vatican, but the entire world to help provide the thousands of children throughout the world that go on without nourishment and education.

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