Grassroots Films is always thrilled to hear how our latest film Child 31 is inspiring audiences to reach out and help others through Mary’s Meals. The most recent news is that of two teenagers from Somerset, England, William White and James Hobbs, who set off July 3rd to walk across Iceland to raise funds for Mary’s Meals, the organization that helps feed more than 700,000 children every day.

After watching Child 31, White and Hobbs were inspired to raise awareness for hunger and poverty. After arranging a long trek across the picturesque country of Iceland, the two boys set out on their journey to make history. If their journey is successful, the two seventeen year olds will have walked 372 miles and be the first and the youngest to travel across all of Iceland.

James’ father, Andrew Hobbs, told Mary’s Meals that aside of the worry he could feel for his son and his friend, he is “impressed they’ve managed to arrange such a complex trek and that they’re doing it all to help those less fortunate than themselves.”

William and James plan to reach the north of Iceland by August 1st. So far, they have run into a few obstacles, as James explains, “We’ve struggled a bit with food as one of the packages did not arrive as arranged but we’re in good spirits and looking forward to the next stage. There’s about ten days’ walking left.”

Grassroots Films sends their best wishes to William and James in hopes that they complete their trek in the name of the many underprivileged children that are fed each day by Mary’s Meals. Keep up the amazing work!

To learn more about their adventure and Mary's Meals, click here.


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