Grassroots Films received an email today from a young woman who was in the midst of viewing The Human Experience. It inspired us, we hope it will inspire you too! Thank you, N.C. for a beautiful letter and may you find truth, beauty and love in all whom you meet.



I am sure you have received thousands of emails about many of your films and  the effect they've had on the viewer, and I am about to do the same.

I am not one to write in about a reaction to a film. I feel very differently about this film, however.

I am in the middle of watching The Human Experience. Never in my young life have I ever been so moved to tears (not like "oh this part is so touching- I need a Kleenex"); I'm talking about absolutely bawling my eyes out over what I'm watching -- and I'm only 30 minutes into the film.

I've never had a movie within the first half hour make me completely question how I live my life and what I take for granted. I've never been moved to actually change the way I live my life and how I see the lives of others.

Without continuing my rant any further since you've probably heard this thousands of times before, I wanted to thank the gentlemen who produced this film for a truly life-altering experience through a film alone, and how I know this will change how I will live my life from here out.

I tip my hat to those gentlemen for sharing their personal and worldly experiences with the world, and hopefully opening a few more eyes to not only other people's views of lives, but what they can do to change their perspectives and actions on such a valuable, delicate privilege that life is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

To Joe, Jeff, Michael...
This letter is only one example...
Thanks from Spain!!

Christine Falk Dalessio said...

What a great letter... I have seen many reactions like this ... Really left my youth group amazed this yer!
Can't wait to see you guys at WYD... We are so blessed by your gift of self!

blackpeoplemeet said...

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