After a phenomenal Australian Tour, Grassroots Films has received some incredible feedback from the ACU students & staff. A big thank you to all who attended! We hope that The Human Experience will continue to touch your lives and the lives of those around you.

“I’m so thankful I got the chance to see The Human Experience, I found it one of the most
relevant inspirational films I’ve seen. The fact that the guys were so young and normal and
it wasn’t presented in a sensationalised, self-promoting way really made an impact on me.
Although what they were doing was so extraordinary from my life in Ballarat, it was very
easy to relate to the motivations behind it- trying to make a difference, be connected to
a wider community etc. It was good timing as well as it has been really beneficial for my
Spirituality unit I’m taking this semester, a lot of the film covered what we’ve been learning
about so it’s a great resource for my assignments.”
- Student

“I was privileged to have watched the movie and immensely enjoyed it. Thank you. A middle
aged lady that sat in front of me cried throughout the movie and a young male student that
sat beside me kept wiping his tears during the show. The movie had several
messages and lessons of life which touched me as well. I would like to share The Human
Experience with the Secondary school that I attended in Fiji. The school is celebrating
its Golden Jubilee this year and as part of the celebration program, I would like them to
screen it for the students and the teacher.”
- Staff

“It was a pleasure hosting the screening yesterday and thank you so much for the
opportunity to do so. The film is an inspiration and the guys are even more so. I didn't end
up leaving until just after 7pm last night as I had people in my office discussing
the film... ”
- Staff

“The film was inspirational ... Life is so valuable - everyone's!” - Staff

“In 4 years at ACU, I’ve never seen anything like this...”
- Student

“I went home with a lot to think about.” - Student

“Absolutely loved the movie.” - Student

“I can’t wait to see it. I’ve heard excellent reviews from students who attended the
viewing. I was disappointed I couldn’t attend.”
- Staff

“Thanks for being able to offer such an intimate and real context for us to engage the gift
contained within this special film.”
- Staff

“My husband and I attended last night. Words seem insufficient and inadequate to say
how grateful we are after viewing this film."

“The movie really caught me off guard – I knew it would be impressive but didn’t
realise how much it would resonate with me. The feedback on campus today has been
overwhelmingly positive; Before I had a chance to unlock my office door this morning, at
least 4 people had stopped me to discuss the film and what it had meant to them. In terms
of numbers - the capacity of lecture theatre IB.15 is just over 300 capacity so I would say
we had between 270 – 280 in attendance (almost full!). This is an amazing turnout for
Brisbane campus...”
- Staff

“Good morning. I thought I would share a little ‘light’ on the documentary, The Human
Experience. I must admit that it was something that I needed to see. Lately the ‘routine of
life’ has been somewhat of a drain on me, but having seen the documentary yesterday, I
was reminded about the important things in life – faith, family, and the importance of ‘love’
for others. It was a personal awakening in a time when the ways of the West are not always
the best. I am very grateful for seeing this insight into humanity. It is wonderful to see that
there is youth out there who have such a beautiful outlook on life. God bless those guys and
everyone who has been touched by their message and help.”
- Staff

“Last night was spectacular! I was so impressed by the fact that we attracted so many
people from outside of ACU...”
- Staff

“Personally I was a little uncertain as to the exact story behind the film, yet something about the trailer said to me that it was a must see! The inspiring stories of the young guys who dared to do what so many would love to do, explore and experience the world and its complex people who hide in its many streets and walks of life. Delving into belief, hope and the ability for those who seemingly have nothing to be so filled with joy. Beginning the story with the homeless of the big city and the sick of third world countries, the creators have constructed an opportunity for everyone to continue the experiences of their own lives in whatever form they choose. Pulling on more than one heart string, this is a film everyone caught up in the stresses of life needs to see to appreciate what we do have and what we don’t, to live and not to regret.” - Student


Anonymous said...

Vote for The Human Experience. It deserve higher than current imdb score of 6.6/10.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing!!!!!!!
Hope you come to Japan some day for a screening tour. People here (especially young people) need to know that money and a good job are not the keys for a happy life. Your movie could make many people here think more about what life is about. And especially after the tsunami here, people are more sensitive to that, I think.

I've just watched the trailer, but hope I can watch the whole documentary soon.
Thank you!

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