Last week, Grassroots Films' director, Charles Kinnane met a group of university students while traveling. He handed them a copy of The Human Experience and asked them to write back to him with their thoughts after viewing the film. Below, is a letter from one of the girls -- inspirational words of thanks and a common acknowledgement of faith, regardless of religion:

On the bus to Boston you handed my friends and I copy of your film and asked us to email you about our response. I watched the film with my dad and sisters, and we were all sad when it ended -- we wanted more. As a Muslim, I was watching this film and felt like the people were preaching the message of Islam without ever saying "Islam." Sounds weird, right? But I'm sure a Christian would feel the same way, or a Jew, or even a Buddhist (which is true, by the way, because this film was the topic at Interfaith Week). At a time where people are blaming religion for the problems in the world, your film proves otherwise. You showed people who outwardly have the least in life, but because of their relationship with God, they have the most in life. I just want to thank you for that. Jazak Allah khair -- which means "may God bring you all that is good" -- we believe that to be the best thing you could say to someone.

Thank You,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the statement. N.O.A. is right, not the religions are the problem but the people who use them to fight their wars. And those who do this are very divided from GOD. So let's respect and protect the ways humans experience GOD and be amazed.

Anonymous said...

N.O.A. I thank you for your letter. I had the same reaction to the film as you did! Truly these were the happiest people and so complete. I saw the love of God in their faces! Jazak Allah khair - A BEAUTIFUL BLESSING!

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