The Human Experience’s leading man hops NYC subways with homeless

NEW YORK, NY – Dec 10th, 2010: It’s rush hour, but the D train platform is dead silent, save the sound of footsteps and the slight buzz emanating from the earbuds of college kids headed downtown. Commuters are on the way home after work, school and errands, when out of the dim echo comes a voice: “What’s up New York!? Good evening everybody; how’s it going?” Heads turn and eyes flick toward the direction of the lively Brooklyn accent. “My name is Jeff. I’m not here to ask you for money tonight. Instead I want to give you something…”

At first glance, the young man looks like any other 24-year-old. He’s wrapped in his coat, put-together, and blends in with the subway crowd. Discernment poised upon the faces of commuters, the question remains: Does this seemingly All-American guy have something important to say, or is he just crazy?

Encircled by inquisitive stares, this isn’t the first time Jeffrey Azize has found himself at the center of attention. The lead protagonist of the award-winning reality-doc The Human Experience spent an entire year being followed by cameras, along with his brother Cliff. The film accompanies the brothers and their friends as they venture into the shoes of New York City’s homeless, cruise down the Peruvian coast in the company of both surfers and orphans, and trek through the jungles of Africa amid isolated Ghanaian lepers and those afflicted by AIDS -- all in search of a deeper understanding of what unites people.

Today, they’re back in New York City hopping between subway cars with the homeless and handing out DVD trailers of the film that has been heralded by theater mogul Dan Harkins as, “a multicultural sensation… a must-see.”

Azize, along with his co-stars, Michael Campo and brother Cliff have been on tour with the film, screening the Human Experience at special events and traveling the festival circuit. To date, the Human Experience has been screened in over 250 cities across the world. The doc has been awarded over 30 festival honors, including Audience Choice Award from The American Cinematic Experience held at New York’s Tribeca Cinemas, Grand Prize for Best Feature Film at Toronto's Moving Image Film Festival, and the Award of Excellence for Feature Documentary at Indie Fest. The Human Experience enjoyed a successful run in Harkins Theatres this past April, selling out show times its opening weekend in Phoenix and Dallas, as well as a special event at the Times Square AMC.

Brooklyn indie studio Grassroots Films confirmed today that the film, directed by Charles Kinnane, would be available in major retail outlets in the new year. Distributors New Video have slated the major release for the spring. A special holiday edition of the DVD is currently available exclusively through www.GrassrootsFilms.com for a limited time.

Jeffrey Azize said he is set on "increasing awareness to help those in need" this holiday season and will be doing so through a series of creative new video "experiences," which he will be posting to YouTube in the coming weeks.

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