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Grassroots Films has been receiving some incredible letters from our friends and fans of The Human Experience. Thank you to everyone who is spreading the message of joy & hope this season. Here are just a few of the beautiful comments that we've received...

"It's been quite a while since I have been this moved by a film. Congratulations on a spectacular job well done! In a time where the world is bombarded with movies about fluff and frivolousness, this quenches our spiritual thirst.
I also want to congratulate you on the movie now being available on DVD. I purchased a copy and I am very much looking forward to watching it again."
"You guys are so inspiring! You honestly made me want to be a better person, and you made me want to go out and help people. So thank you so much for that!" 

Own The Human Experience on DVD at and help us continue to share the message of hope & love this holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving,
From Your Friends at 
Grassroots Films

PS: Do you blog? Want to help spread the word about The Human Experience? Get your badges, buttons & banners here! Enjoy!


Eduardo Loyola said...

Thanks! I have already tweeted this (in spanish). Please inform me when it's on air in Netflix. Good Luck.

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