With over 400 screenings in 152 cities worldwide, The Human Experience has captivated audiences around the globe as "the greatest film you've never heard of!"

About The Human Experience:
In a world fraught with hostility and violence, an altruistic group of young men endeavor to understand the true essence of the human spirit by visiting forgotten souls such as homeless New Yorkers, Peruvian orphans and isolated Ghanaian lepers. By spotlighting heartwarming stories from around the world, this uplifting documentary shows viewers that every single person, no matter his or her lot in life, is beautiful.


cindy chen said...

I like this film because it is so real. I appreciate you guys on what you did, especially experiencing to be a homeless people in New York city. I am sure you need to be really brave to make that decision. Thank you for showing us another side of the world and awakening the beauty of human beings.

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