We're getting the ball rolling! Grassroots discusses their lastest creative endeavor--a supernatural thriller. With the completion of The Human Experience and most recent Child 31, Grassroots begins its new feature-length narrative. Joseph Campo, Executive Producer, asks the question: what do you think happens when one dies?

Fr. Augustino examines the spiritual aspects of the film with Director, Charles Kinnane and Michael Campo, our Writer and Producer. As you read in our previous blog post, the film will encompass the afterlife. Death, though shrouded in mystery, helps bring answers to each of us.

Stay tuned! 


New Creation Productions said...

http://lentenreflectionsvideos.blogspot.com/2008/10/purgatory-hell-heaven.html?spref=bl is a link to a true story of a journey to heaven, hell and purgatory, maybe you can use this in your movie, a compelling account !

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