Last week we announced that Grassroots Films is currently working on its first feature-length narrative- a supernatural thriller. We don’t want to give too much away about our premise just yet, but we will tell you this- one of the aspects our story encompasses is the afterlife.

Out of the many mysteries in life, quite possibly the greatest one of all entails the complete opposite: death. What truly happens to our souls when we die? Some have experienced near-death experiences and have lived to tell about it. But are their images of the possible afterlife how it is in reality or are they figments of our upbringing and images that had already been placed in our mind during life?

Our story delves into some of our ideas of what could happen once we die and the remarkable journey we might have to take once this happens. As filmmakers, we want to feature this immense question in hopes that it helps us probe our own lives for answers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think happens after you die?


Anonymous said...

Have total faith and belief in an afterlife. My dad, who passed on my birthday 15 years ago...came to me in many ways after he dreams, word, etc. Told of great beauty, spoke of different levels, of having work to do...very happy. His message was to love , love, love...and give up all fear and many messages from him, had to get a journal to record it all/// Most vivid dream was the very night he passed...he was very much alive..and was with me in the dream telling me that there was a baby for me in Heaven...and that baby came as a total suprise for us later that year..a blessing thru adoption. God allows all of this...such a gift.

Daniel Ɓuczon said...

I'll clean my shoes and enter home.

Gosia Sz. said...

It's difficult to say but maybe I'll see all my life and then God will ask me: 'How do You think, what's now? Where You should go?'

soCalled said...

I believe there is something more after we die. And I'm sure that it must be good and loving reality.
I strongly believe that when we're already in Heaven (I do hope we are to be there!), God is going to say: My dear, I've been waiting for you.
And then I could see all the beauty I couldn't experienced beacause of money. As I fancy singing and, in general, music, I imagine that Life full of music.
I miss it so much!

Be Remarkable said...

With the burden of our bodies we can only be in one place at a time. On the other side of life there are no restrictions and we can be in all places at one time. This freedom is angelic,

New Creation Productions said...

This is the story you need for your film guys..

A true story.

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