Here is a blog response to The Human Experience. Thank you Molly!

"I still find myself reflecting on my time in Belize.  In fact (to make matters worse) I watched: The Human Experience the other day.  I REALLY RECOMMEND it!  I saw it once before, but that was before I went on mission.  Now I watched it after coming back from mission and everything soaked in much deeper.  It hit home a lot closer.  When one goes to serve on mission, they cry twice.  They cry when they get to the missions, realizing everything they gave up to come and noticing the extreme poverty/lifestyle of what will be their home now.  They are tears of fear and the unknown.  And, they cry when they leave, knowing that when they board the plane, they leave behind a part of their heart.  They leave behind what they were first so repulsed and frightened of...."

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