To anyone who feels lost in life... who may not be too sure about who they are, or who they want to be -- and to those who do, but are searching for more -- a deeper meaning to life and relationships:

You should all watch The Human Experience. I was searching on Netflix for a documentary to watch and stumbled upon it. I keep recommending it nonstop. It's a fantastic documentary that follows a journey, a path to discovery. It shows us that we need to not be afraid to go outside of our comfort zone (the western world) and be a bigger, more meaningful part of this world. Life is definitely not easy. I have experienced a lot to show me that but as long as you can find the beauty in life and persevere then beautiful things are to come. This movie is a direct portrayal of the beautiful struggle life has to offer. 

I am thankful that those that are a part of the film actually reach out to those in the community for various reasons. This film helped me in so many ways. It encouraged me to change my major to better benefit those around the world. I am traveling to the Dominican Republic and Africa this summer. I cannot be more excited and more optimistic about spreading my knowledge and gaining much much more knowledge that this world has to offer. Thank you everyone who was involved in creating such a beautiful movie. I love it! Thank you so very much for changing and inspiring my life!

- A.S. (via Facebook)


Anonymous said...

Hello. Please help us. Im from Uruguay, Next friday we are going to a TV program to talk about abortion. We want to use this & fantastic spot you made, but we need it in HIGH DEFINITION. How can we take it?

my mail is or in facebook im marita armua bueno.
Thank you very much.


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