Our crew here at Grassroots Films is always amazed at the many ways in which The Human Experience continues inspire others. Sometimes we receive letters and emails from people who have endured great struggles in life... others have made radical changes, and some have even gone so far as to leave home and set out on their own amazing journeys. Our friends pour out their hearts and souls in their letters; they share their trials, their joys, and -- not to be forgotten -- their laughter too.

That said, we also have a sense of humor! There is a light and fun-loving side to Grassroots Films (which you will undoubtedly pick-up on if you have seen The Human Experience). We are pleased to share a little side project that we put together for Doritos' "Crash the Super: Bowl Hollywood Edition" commercial competition!

Without further ado, we present to you our submission:

* When the flash animation loads and begins, simply click "skip" in the
upper right-hand corner to go directly to our commercial spot.

Below are some behind-the-scenes stills from the filming of the commercial. We hope that it makes you laugh! If you enjoy it, please share it with others, and leave a comment on the Doritos site. Thanks for sharing our comedy and fun!

GRF cameras capturing the living room scene.

Prepping to shoot the hospital drama.

A final snapshot of the happy family.


McLaren Sforza said...

This is so inventive and just plain funny!

Anonymous said...

Touchdown ... It's a Touchdown!

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