Do you ever wonder abut Angela, Victor, and the other children from Dr. Tony's orphanage in Peru who appeared in "The Human Experience"? Where are they now? What are they up to?

Today, Grassroots Films received a letter from a New York couple inspired to volunteer at Dr. Tony's after seeing the film... and what's more, they included photos of the kids! They sure are growing up...

I so appreciate you sending me the contact information for Dr. Lazzara at the Hogar de Saint Francisco de Assis! My husband and I have recently returned from the trip to visit there. What an amazing experience. I know that Dr. Tony and the kids were really hoping to see the part of the film that focused on the time in Chaclacayo. I have attached a few photos, as Angela and Victor, two of the children featured in the film still live there.

Angela is doing well and using crutches to mobilize and has had significant surgeries on her other leg. Victor is using his prosthetic leg well. Both of these children as well as all the children in the Hogar, are truly inspirational. I feel so blessed to have been there, and am so glad that I stumbled into this film that set the wheels in motion!


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