Love in Action

Grassroots Films recently received a beautiful letter from someone who saw The Human Experience in Arizona. It's inspiring to read about their hope and love in action! Thank you to all who reach out to those in need. This world is a better place because of your friendship, willingness and dedication.

Thank you for this movie. I was so inspired by this movie, that after I left the theater, I called my 16 year old son, my mom and my son's girlfriend to come over my house. We made 100 sandwiches and bought bottled water and took it to downtown Phoenix, to feed the homeless. We took the time to connect with our brothers and sisters who were hungry. It was such a touching experience. One gentleman from the streets, asked my son "which organization are you with, because this is really nice." My son answered "no organization, we just wanted to come here and share." This man started to cry. Another homeless teenager was pushing his father on a wheelchair. We asked them if they would like a sandwich and some water. The father answered "You can't imagine how hungry we are, we wanted to go to the store right now, to buy food, but we hardly had enough for anything."

We have vowed to do this every weekend from this day forth. I want to someday to be able to do even more. I will find the way. Can you imagine, if more people have been inspired to act?

Thank you again for this movie.


CailĂ­n said...

Awesome and so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

everyone should do this --- and in this way we can move mountains...

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