This April, Grassroots Films had the pleasure of screening The Human Experience at Nazareth Academy High School in Philadelphia, PA. An overwhelming number of touching letters from the students poured in shortly after returning home to Brooklyn. We cannot express our gratitude enough for their inspiring words and heartfelt letters...

"As an avid movie watcher, I can't say that non-fiction, documentary-type films are my favorite, but this film was definitely an exception. I really believe that it was the humanity, for lack of a more original word, that drew me in. It had all the elements of a great movie: life, love, joy, sadness, tears, laughter, comedy, struggle..." -E.W.

"I believe that the concept for this movie was great, because it completely contradicts what Hollywood is telling us. It is a 'real' movie about real life situations and people living their lives." -H.H.

"The meaning of life is a question every human asks themselves at one point in their lives at the very least. This film inspires us to search for our own answers." -C.R.

  The Human Experience's Michael Campo & Jeffrey Azize in Philadelphia


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