See u later Chaps!

On a train on our way to Wales from the great city of London! What an incredible 4 days it has been! All the screenings were completely sold out. And in attendance were people from all walks of life, including Mrs. Cherie Blair on Friday night who we had the pleasure of meeting before the show!

I really think that we have made some life long friends here, and I am anxious to see what the future holds for Grassroots Films in London.

The Q&A went great both nights there were some really thoughtful questions from the audience. I hope that our answers were sufficient. Some of the questions and comments were so deep it was really inspiring for us.

This tour has been quite an experience for Chuck, Jeff and myself as well, and we are very grateful to be here.

Anyway we have arrived in Wales and will get a good night sleep before our first screening here tomorrow.

Goodnight from Wales!!!

Michael Campo
Grassroots Films


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