Don't go breaking out those autumn coats just yet - 

- Instead, head south to sunny Miami, Florida for the John Paul II International Film Festival, where The Human Experience is screening this November!

The John Paul II International Film Festival will feature films that "celebrate life by acknowledging the strengths, struggles, and triumphs we experience when striving to  give meaning to our existence."

...Or try Naples, Florida for the Naples International Film Festival and check out The Human Experience:

The mission of the Naples International Film Festival is to "nurture and support a diverse, artistic and cultural experience with a creative, fun and cutting edge boutique film festival that showcases the work of independent filmmakers... NIFF will showcase the finest and most creative cinematic works in the world."

Or, if you're in need of an international excursion (involving lots of sand and sun), why not check out The Human Experience at the Cancum Riviera Maya Film Festival?!


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