American Idol!!!

"Imagine Spot 2" will run TONIGHT during American Idol in Baltimore, and Wednesday's finale in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Florida. Check it out if it's in your market!


Anonymous said...

What a classic opening to American Idol!!! It reminded me of a show with a themesong and caught everyone's attention here in Maryland! Hey, a theme show called "Adopted" could be a real sell!
No one has ever had that story line on TV. Kudos to Grassroots for another spectacular piece!
May God keep moving you all!

Friends in Maryland said...

Got an email about your piece! Loved the music and I thought it was part of American Idol's opening act...instead a beautiful commercial! Your work is ingenious!
Maryland resident

JC in MD said...

Loved the spot for adoption. Just Imagine....somebody might adopt in this generation. WE need more spots like this in our culture! Loved the framed pics! (People love to look at somebody's picture in a frame...makes them "beloved"
Heard about this through an email blast!You are full of talent at Grassroots. Hope to see you all do something bigger. Heard you have some great talent there.

H.S. in Harford County, MD. said...

Give us more of what you got! A real Wow to Grassroots! Saw your American Idol opening commercial! Thanks!

A friend of Grassroots, now. said...

With gratitude and smiles. Adoption needs to be a word again of our generations. God bless you all.
Good job.

An adopted child in MD said...

An idea after this commercial on adoption-
Make a feature movie on ADOPTION! You can do this!

Just J said...

Loved the part with Babe Ruth! He lived here in Baltimore. Very cool.

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